Collaborations and Conspiracies Proposal

Collaborations and Conspiracies Proposal

Sub Title: The Brontes
Personal Project

Research Site/space, The Bronte Parsonage Howarth

LCA Gallery

Exhibition Title: Wildness Between the Lines

Inspiration: The Brontes.

With the notion of The Romantic Sublime underpinning my practice, my
aim will be to continue this theme creating work that sympathetically
reflects the Bronte sister’s life.

The Moors and the Parsonage both played a major part in shaping the
Brontes literary genius but they also created a dysfunctional family
in the process. Boredom, loneliness and isolation were all driving
factors developing their individual persona’s.

It wouldn’t be hard to imagine the sisters feeling trapped, mentally
and physically, the isolated victims of a particular period when
social Class controlled how people thought and behaved.

The Brontes self-imposed imprisonment is a notion that interests me
and I am sure it will inform future work in this project.


My ntended out come for the brief will be to produce an art piece, or
pieces, that raise public awareness to certain historical aspects/
areas of the Brontes sisters’ life.

My aim will be to develop lots of sculptural test pieces using
disparate materials to evoke mood/ tension and atmosphere.

I will be using the college’s woodwork and ceramics facilities
throughout the  process and will record my work in the studios.


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